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Sex toys Glossary


There's so many shapes, models, textures, colors, and materials used in sex toys nowadays. It can be confusing figuring out just what someone is talking about especially in a place like India where sex toys are a taboo subject. If you ever find yourself in a situation like that, use these handy definitions to pretend like you know what you're talking about! This will also help to define some terms that will be used in our adult toy store.


This is probably the most common of sex toy that you'll hear about. This is a vibrating toy intended for vagina or anal insertion, stimulation of nearly any area imaginable, as well as having some of the weirdest designs (one of the most popular vibrators is the rabbit). Some vibrators can do all of this at once, and others are geared towards one specific purpose.


Often used in BDSM, whips are both the common variety you can find in more mundane venues, or specially designed stimulation toys.


Used in BDSM play, this is the same as a crop you would use in riding a horse.


At their most basic, dildos are like vibrators, except they don't vibrate. They are also used primarily for insertion. They do have just as many different shapes, sizes, and models as vibrators do.


No, not the kind that comes from a chicken. This is a small egg shaped vibrator that is often used with sleeves or with smaller form vibrators.


This is a dildo specifically designed for anal insertion. One of the differences between a dildo and a dong is that the dong has a wider base so that it cannot slip into the ass.

Anal Beads

This is a string of beads of varying sizes that is intended to be inserted into the ass one by one. You can then later pull them out at whatever speed floats your boat for an amazing sensation.

Butt Plug

This is a little different from a dong. Butt plugs are normally shaped in a tapering cone with a wide base at the bottom so that it cannot accidentally be placed completely in the ass.

Nipple Clamps

These are two small clamps connected by a chain. They are intended to be used for tit torture or stimulation. They are often used in BDSM.


I felt this particular toy deserved separate mention. The Fleshlight is a masturbation sleeve for men - it is unique in that it is housed in a flashlight casing.

Cock Ring

Cock rings can be plain or vibrating, but they both have one purpose - extended longevity.

Strap On

Strap on is a term that actually encompasses a large amount of toys. First you have your strap on dildos and vibrators - these are typically mounted into a harness . Next, you have strap on clitorial stimulation vibrators - these are often shaped as a flower or butterfly. I know I had a third stuck in my head but I seem to have forgotten it.

G-Spot Stimulators

These are dildos and vibrators designed to reach the elusive g-spot for intense pleasure. Some of the designs for these get a bit...strange.

Clitorial Stimulators

These toys either have attachments onto other types of toys or are solely designed for clit stimulation. Finger vibrators are often used for this, and many of the more popular vibrators have designs that accommodate clit stimulation