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A Perfect Winter Warmer and A Great Summer Cooler

Don’t Need Diamonds

Stack up the stimulating sensations with this erotic and multi-talented glass dildo

Glass Dildos combine the smooth sensuality of a Glass sex toy with all the bumps, ridges, and hot textures you love to lust over. With the firmness to last all night long and an amazing ability to retain HEAT or COLD, you’ll experience pleasure like never before the first time you slip between the sheets with this seriously fun sex toy’s.

Amazing Avantages That Only A Glass Dildo Can Give You:

  • High Quality Smooth Material Glass
  • Phthalate Free
  • Can Be Warmed Or Chilled, Retains Temperature For Hot And Cold Thrills
  • More Sanitary And Easy To Clean
  • Designer Glass Dildos Are Sexy
  • Completely Smooth, Non-Porous Surface
  • Last Longer Than Traditional Materials, Dual Heads For Twice The Fun
  • Erotic Glass Art Looks Great On Display
  • Artistic Designs, They Are Truly Beautiful, Ribbed And Bulbous Textures
  • Fun For Beginners, as well as Intermediate And Advanced Sex Toy Users

At the slender end, a rounded tip is gently curved for G-Spot tickling and teasing. Beneath, the shaft is accented by raised cobalt blue swirls that work magic on the sensitive vaginal entrance with each subtle movement. Switch the toy around and experience the smooth bulb-shaped head, crowned in a decorative pinpoint tip for precise G-Spot stimulation inside or clitoral massage externally. Beneath, a textured bulb waits to enhance the full, climactic effect as it slides deep inside.

Glass is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants, and the intuitive shape of this toy ensures it is easy to hold, even with lubricated fingertips. Glass is a safe and pleasurable material that can be enjoyed without worry, and will not break or chip, even with frequent intimate use. As with all glass sex toys, care must be taken not to drop the toy onto a hard surface, and the Glass Dildo should not be used if there are any visible or tangible damages on the toy if it is accidently dropped.

To keep your glass dildo in great condition, be sure to wash it after each use with mild soap and water or a toy cleaner so it is fresh and ready for your next pleasure session.

Pyrex glass dildos and sex toys as you've seen on HBO, Playboy TV, in countless adult magazines and your favorite XXX movies. Glass sex toys are works of art that both excite and arouse even the most discriminate adult. There's no doubt that you'll love the benefits of glass adult toys. Here's why...

Glass Dildos May Last Forever:

When properly cared for a Pyrex dildo may never have to be replaced. Glass doesn't deteriorate over time and it doesn't absorb anything. Other adult toys may loose their novelty over the years but glass sex toys can stay beautiful for a lifetime.

Pyrex Sex Toys Are The Cleanest:

A minute is all it takes to ensure a crystal clean Pyrex dildo. Since glass sex toys never absorb anything it takes very little time or effort to scrub them clean. It actually takes longer to wash your hands than one of these dildos! Not to mention that they are free of Phthalates and other dangerous toxins.

Adult Toys That Make Your Sex Life Sizzle:

If you've never had fun with sextoys, or your partner is reluctant to do so, then a Pyrex glass dildo is a great way to introduce some excitement. Everyone loves the unlimited artistic qualities of glass sex toys. Beautiful colors, unique textures and even some that will glow! You create the atmosphere and a Pyrex dildo will surely spark the fire but be prepared for the joy of endless foreplay. You can also warm them up or chill them. Pyrex adapts to temperatures quickly making it ideal for experimentation and alternative types of stimulation. To put it simply, glass toys are head and shoulders above the rest!

Glass Sex Toys Are An Acceptable Gift For Any Occasion:

As with a gift of fine jewelry you can say, "I Love You", with a piece of erotic glass art. Christmas, Valentines Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelors-Bachelorette Parties or a simple gift to remind them you care. Sharing and intimate gift with that special someone can do wonders for your relationship and not just in the bedroom. Start with some adult gift ideas if you need help locating the perfect gift.

Erotic Glass Art Looks Great On Display:

Do you enjoy showing your house guests a good time and introducing them to something new that can benefit their lives? Believe it or not decorating a room with erotic art can be very tasteful and even very appropriate depending upon the situation. Placing a piece of fine glass art on your mantle, dresser, desk or nightstand can add flavor to a room and create an instant conversation about sex. You, a friend and a conversation about sex... That's an exciting combination!


What is Pyrex glass?

Py.rex (pI'reks): a brand name for any of a class of heat and chemical resistant glassware products of varying composition traditionally used for cooking or scientific purposes, now also being used by consumers for Decorative Art, Functional Art, Smoking Pipes, Body And Hair Jewelry, and of course, Sensual Foreplay, Masturbation, And Erotic Sexual Exploration And Experimentation. Its composition name is Borosilicate. Pyrex is a Brand name sold by Corning. Pyrex is to Borosilicate as Evian is to water. All Evian is water, but not all water is Evian. Our artists tend to also use other brands like Simax, and occasionally Kimble. The addition of dark and bright colors into the glass has enhanced the artistic uniqueness of every piece, allowing for distinctive patterning and basic object "sculpting

Why is Pyrex glass so good for sex toys?

Pyrex possesses unique attributes that make it the Ideal sex toy. For the Receiver, some advantages include the slickest ultra smooth slippery surface in sex toys, excellent retainment of heat or cold (so it may be heated or cooled), ability to be used efficiently with all lubricants, minimal loss of lubrication (no pores to absorb lube), sterilization between uses and partners, class, sophistication, sensual elegance, and erotic beauty unrivaled in traditional marital aids, the insulating properties that allow heat and cold to radiate for extended periods of time, and the unique one-of-a-kind design found in every Glass Fantasy Pyrex glass hand blown sex toy; it's personality. For the Giver (if different then the Receiver), the main advantage is extremely visual. Words Can't Appropriately Describe That Particular Visual Indulgence! With Glass Fantasy, it Really is as Good to Give As it is to Receive! And if all that weren't enough, our Pyrex Glass Dongs are completely hypoallergenic, perfect for people who suffer from environmental illness (E.I.) or multiple chemical sensitivity (M.C.S.). Pyrex glass stands alone as completely safe for people who suffer from EI or MCS to use.  

How do I clean and maintain my new Pyrex glass dildo?

Cleanliness is one of the most important points in choosing glass over rubber or plastic sex toys. We always recommend that your sex toys cleaned before and after each use. We recommend that you use a antibacterial sex toy cleaner but if you'd like to keep it as simple as possible you could use warm water with a mild soap, something that won't cause any sort of negative reaction or irritation the next time you would use it. Then just dry it with a soft towel. Pyrex is so versatile that you can even put them in a dishwasher if you would like. Glass Fantasy discourages people from sharing sex toys, but if you must, use rubbing alcohol, bleach, or the boiling method to sterilize between uses. Pat dry with a soft towel and store until the next use. If your piece is for display only a weekly dusting followed by an occasional thorough cleaning with a window cleaner is your best bet. Each glass dildo is designed to last forever but always use care as they are very slippery when wet and soaped up and could be damaged if you drop them on a hard enough surface such as porcelain or tile

Is Pyrex glass strong? Can I break Pyrex glass?

Pyrex glass is remarkably tough, but dropping a piece may occasionally break or crack it. It is still glass. Besides the obvious care when dealing with any functional glass item, fast temperature changes (from very hot to cold, very cold to very hot) may cause your piece to break. Pyrex is designed to withstand very high temperatures. Even though Pyrex may survive rapid temperature shifts, Glass Fantasy strongly advises against it. Avoid heating methods involving microwaves, boiling water, open flame, explosions, gunfire, sticks, stones or molten lava. Besides the remote possibility of breaking your toy, you risk burning some very sensitive body parts. Follow the instructions to safely heat your glass dildo. Frozen Pyrex glass may stick to skin or may crack if thawed too rapidly. Avoid putting Pyrex glass in the freezer, ice cream truck, grocers freezer, outside in the winter, or in any glaciers

Why are genuine Pyrex glass dildos and sextoys so expensive?

"I Wouldn't Pay that Much for a Sex Toy. I've Seen them for Less all the Time, Well, we like to emphasize that a Pyrex glass adult toy is a Luxury, but if you factor in its longevity when properly cared for, the value increases immeasurably. To explain further, most sex toys are meant to be discarded after a time. They start breaking down, looking weird, smelling weird, and generally losing their novelty. Our Pyrex glass dildos do not suffer from this, if knowledgeably maintained. Glass does not absorb ANYTHING EVER. It is completely Hypoallergenic, non porous, non deteriorating, and NEVER absorbs odors or chemicals. It actually was designed to resist them. If not subjected to careless treatment or a major trauma, every Pyrex dildo we make is designed to last hundreds of years. If you divide each items price by the length of time you own it, we're talking pennies a day (or less). Because of every one of Glass Fantasy's glass dildos design and composition, a highly trained professional is needed. A scientific glass blower by trade makes items out of Pyrex that are completely sterile, super strong, super reliable, resist chemicals, and built to be used under extreme conditions. One of the head artists, is not only an exceptional artisan, but an experienced, qualified scientific glassblower. We use only the most advanced equipment available to create each Pyrex glass dildo. What this means to you is the understanding that a highly trained professional is creating your new piece on scientific grade equipment, not by some ambitious hobbyist with a hand torch. After factoring in the exceptional costs of the highest quality materials and compensation for the Qualified professional who can create your masterpiece safely and correctly, already each item is past the budget price point. Add our overhead such as marketing, packaging, staffing, web site design and maintenance, finances, and payroll, and you begin to understand our dilemma. Obviously, our goal is to have everyone who desires our quality to have a 100% Pyrex glass sextoy, but it is simply out of the budget for most people. Everyone has a car, but not everyone has a Rolls Royce. We don't think we are Rolls Royce, but we produce only display quality, fully functional, safe erotic art. We may cost more, but you're worth it. And as far as lower priced glass options, let me explain a few methods used by our competitors to lower costs. Some do not use Pyrex or Borosilicate at all. They use a soft glass that was not designed for stress. That would explain items in the $20-$40 price range. We do not wish to be even placed in the same league as them as their products are going to eventually hurt someone and we want nothing to do with that kind of publicity. It may be made out of glass, but if it is not Pyrex glass, it cannot measure up to the standards that we use to insure the safety of our clientele. Others, only use Pyrex tubing, and inject colored soft glass or liquid in the middle to add the impression of artistic enhancement. The reality of it is that the hollow tubing and soft glass or liquid is far cheaper then the solid Borosilicate rods that we use. We know this as we considered and tested this method of coloring Pyrex (before settling on our current, unique, method to infuse color

How do I heat my Pyrex up safely?

Since Pyrex glass insulates and holds temperatures, warming your piece may provide additional sensory stimulation. The most safe and proper way to heat your Pyrex glass takes about 30 minutes. Make sure your Pyrex glass is at room temperature to start. Get a large bowl or pan and add very warm tap water directly from the sink to bowl. Completely submerge the Pyrex glass in warm water for about 5 minutes. Carefully pour out 1/2 to 2/3rds of the water from the bowl, leaving the glass partially under water. Fill remainder of bowl with boiling water and allow it to set for 20-25 minutes away from heat. Always test temperature before using Pyrex glass as it can burn skin at high heat. Remember, it holds its heat very well

How do I cool my Pyrex glass down safely?

Since Pyrex glass insulates and holds temperatures, cooling your piece may provide additional sensory stimulation. Use the same process to safely cool your piece as you used to heat it, only you will be substituting cool tap water for the very warm tap water and ice water complete with ice cubes instead of boiling water. This Process should also take about a half an hour

What should I do if I break or crack my Pyrex Glass?

Unfortunately, if your piece breaks, cracks, or shatters, it is no longer safe to use as a sex toy. Pyrex glass is a very strong material that can withstand most causes of stress fractures. Fractures that occur after initial usage, however are most likely the result of improper care. All the instructions you need to follow to receive a lifetime of pleasure from your Pyrex glass are on this page. Read them carefully, and if you broke your toy, chalk it up to experience and treat your next piece properly.  

Why should I buy my new Pyrex glass sex toy?

Simply put, we are the highest quality, most elegant, resource in the WORLD for erotic Pyrex glass. We use lehrs to anneal our Pyrex Glass to insure durability and strength. Each piece is hand blown by a skilled craftsman on industrial equipment. Our designs use the natural attributes of glass and the innovation of the human mind to take our products to new heights of beauty, functionality, and longevity. We think you'll agree, our products stand alone and have no competition.


What do you mean mine will be different than the one shown? I want the one pictured!

Each of the Pyrex glass sex toys that we offer are hand made, they are all made one at a time and can't by their very nature be mass produced in a mold or by other methods that would make them exact. What this means to you is that the size, shape or colors may vary from those that you see pictured on the site. The good news is that they are as close as humanly possible to the items pictured but each one is still unique. Each piece contains the same functional design elements, but they are made by individual glass blowers and each person will make them a bit differently. No two are alike, but they are all beautiful. Each glass sex toy that we offer is a genuine one of a kind creation and if cared for properly, will deliver a lifetime of satisfaction.


Can Pyrex dildos be sterilized in an autoclave; will this compromise their lifespan?

Phallix does actually state that their products can be sterilized in an autoclave just as any other "scientific" glassware that is made of borosilicate (Pyrex) glass. With that in mind, we always opt to be on the "super safe" side and recommend that they are cleaned using warm water with a mild soap and soft cloth.

Are Glass Dildos Better than Rubber or Plastic?

We get this question a lot and the answer really depends on what it is you're looking for in a dildo. If you're anything like me, you've already got a collection of both and which one you use will depend on your mood. But for the first time buyer, this can be a difficult decision to make especially if it'll be your sole piece. I've probably already provided the answer to the question but the remainder of this article will provide you with some more information that should hopefully help you make an informed decision. There are issues ranging from health, safety, ease of use, cleanup and durability that come into play that you might want to consider before picking one up.



Start with cleanliness because it's one of the largest selling points for any dildo that I'm ever going to purchase and I'm pretty sure the same goes for other women. I don't want to spend an hour prepping and cleaning a dildo, period. Whatever I buy, needs to be practical and easy to clean because I'm in it for the pleasure not the maintenance. Most glass dildos are made from a type of glass better known as Pyrex. It's used in everything from medical devices to household glassware and containers. Just as you would expect, a glass dildo is non-porous which means that it won't absorb any fluids. This makes cleanup a breeze and doesn't require any special cleaners or methods; just some good antibacterial soap and warm water will do.

Plastic, rubber or silicon dildos can be a different story. These are generally harder to clean because they offer different textures, materials and options such as electronics. You need to look at each device individually when shopping for one of these. A hard plastic dildo may be non-porous while a rubber dildo most definitely will not. Most any soft dildos unless made from 100% silicon will have a porous surface. What this means is that you won't be able to fully sanitize it and you'll likely need special cleaners and methods such as boiling to get them clean. You might also need to use condoms to keep the device clean. The main point to remember here is that a porous surface will result in greater cleanup costs and time. You'll need to check each potential dildo individually to determine if it meets your requirements.



Safety is always a concern for me. If I'm going to be inserting something down there, I want to know that it's safe. In recent years, there is evidence that rubber-based dildos or certain plastic dildos may contain cancer causing agents known as phthalates. Most manufacturers and shops are now making efforts to ensure that their products are phthalates-free. As a result, this is becoming less of a concern as it once was but it's still generally a good idea to ensure that your rubber or plastic dildo is free of any phthalates. Glass dildos do not contain any phthalates and do not pose any health risks that might be associated with dildos made from rubber or plastic.

For those that have sensitivities to rubber, latex, silicon or certain types of plastics; glass is the safest option for you. If you have or have had any allergic reaction to these materials, you can rest assured that you'll be safe with glass.

And finally, if you plan to share your dildos with a partner, it's highly recommended that you stick to the glass side of things. Because porous surfaces cannot be fully sanitized, the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses is too great. It's always a good habit to use condoms with any dildo whether glass or plastic if you plan to share.


Dildos can be quite costly. For those that may be concerned about their investment, you cannot beat the durability of a glass dildo. They're made from a strong durable Pyrex glass which if cared for can last a lifetime. They can withstand any type of cleaner or lube and will not scratch easily. Plastic or rubber dildos on the other hand have a number of weaknesses which depend highly on the material used. Most soft dildos will require a considerable amount of care to keep their material in top shape. They can scratch easily, they're not compatible with all lubes and they might even be fragile depending on the material. When it comes to durability of these devices, it's better to rely on customer reviews prior to purchase. For the cost-sensitive individual, a glass dildo is hands-down the best way to go. There simply is no comparison in durability; glass wins without a question.


This is the one category where a plastic, rubber or silicon dildo clearly comes out on top. You simply cannot pack the amount of features that these dildos have into glass. Whether it's mimicking the male anatomy for ultra-realism or programmable variable speed vibrations, you will not find any of these features in a glass dildo. If certain features are important to you, you'll definitely have to go with one of these.

However, glass also has its benefits and share of features. One of the best things that I like about glass is its ability to retain heat. There's nothing like heating up a glass dildo with warm water before use. While it may not provide the life-like look and feel of its plastic/rubber counterparts, it definitely can mimic the warmth of a real partner once inside. And that heat will retain itself for the entire duration of your session. You'll also find that you need much less lube with glass to obtain a silky smooth experience that won't end up in a sticky gummy mess. You'll save on lube and you won't need to stop midway through to reapply.

Final Thoughts:

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the type of dildo that you go with will depend on your mood and desire. If this is going to be your first-time purchase or your only dildo, I highly recommend going with glass because it's durable, easy to clean and it can feel great. With that said, eventually you might find yourself wanting more or a desire to change things up on certain days. This is the very reason why my own collection consists of both glass and plastic/rubber dildos. There are some days where I want the added features and I'm willing to put up with the cleanup/maintenance and then there are days (more often than not) when I simply want to be quick about it. Each type of dildo has its advantages and disadvantages but with a well constructed product, the question of which is better might not even cross your mind.

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