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Vaginal pumps

This is One Experience which can never be Paralled, This will surely Bring her on Your knees

Customer’s Review-

"I have never tried a pussy pump before... I enjoyed pumping and, while it was in the vacuum the area felt very good, it made me feel very horny. The orgasm I had afterwards was very different to those I've been used to - more tingly and I was left with a lot of heightened sensation for some time afterwards - which for me was great." 

Product Description                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Twin orgasmic action for double the fun... Place this anatomically shaped pussy pump over your honey pot and enjoy sensational suction that leaves you oh-so sensitive. Turn on the vibrating egg and BINGO! 

Not only does this thrilling toy feel amazing while you use it, but once removed you'll be left ultra-sensitive for further play. Plus your intimate areas will be beautifully plump, making it even easier for your partner to find and stimulate your sweetest spots. Enjoy increased pleasure during masturbation, foreplay and sex. 

To create the most effective suction, add a little water-based lube to the rim of the transparent chamber before play. 

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic vibrating pussy pump for thrilling suction and stimulation
  • Suction heightens plumpness and sensitivity for increased pleasure during foreplay, masturbation and sex
  • Wired controller with scroll wheel operates intensity of vibration
  • Multispeed bullet surrounds your intimate parts with sensational vibrations
  • Flexible hose with easy-squeeze hand pump with quick release valve

Simply attach the suction cup to your clitoris, using an electric pears suck air and the clitoris and labia widen and become more sensitive to any external stimuli. 
Then turn on the vibrating bullet in the shape of a rabbit that will stimulate the clitoris and the entire vagina, giving immense pleasure and incredible orgasms. 

How to Use a Pussy Pump

The purpose of a pussy pump is to create a vacuum over the labia and/or clitoris which will in turn make the tissue swell, encouraging more blood to flow and making the skin much more sensitive. Whether you use a pussy pump alone or with a partner, the unique sensations and gorgeously puffy appearance are sure to be a fantastic turn on.

Pumping your pussy will leave it feeling ultra-sensitive and every touch, tingle and vibration will be heightened. This is perfect if you have trouble orgasming and ideal if you're looking for something new to spice up your bedroom activities.

1. Lubricate the outside edge of the pussy pump using a water-based lube; this will help to create an air-tight seal.

2.Ensure that the quick-release valve, located beneath the pump bulb, is closed and only allowing air out, not in.

3. Press the pussy pump chamber against the desired area - some pumps fit over the entire vagina, others are designed for just the clit - making sure that you achieve a firm seal.

4.Keeping one hand on the pump chamber, compress the pump bulb until you feel suction.

5. Release the bulb and check the seal against your skin. The pump chamber should be held in place via suction only and it should not come away from the skin unless specifically pulled. If it has not yet sealed against your skin, continue to hold it in place and keep pumping!

6.Continue compressing and releasing the bulb of the pussy pump until you can feel and see your labia swelling in the chamber. It will feel a little strange at first, but it should not feel painful.

7. Once your skin is pressing against the chamber, you will find it hard to pump any further - this is the maximum you will be able to pump to.

8. Press the quick release valve below the bulb and allow air to enter the chamber.

9. Gently remove the pussy pump and enjoy the beautifully swollen, excitingly engorged look and amazing feel to your clitoris and vulva!

Simply place the soft heart-shaped suction cup over your lips, then activate the high-intensity super suction by pulling on the easy-grip trigger. The powerful suction action holds the cup in place, creating an air-tight vacuum against your body. The tiny ticklers tease and please directly over your clit, while the contoured design conforms to your body's curves and stays in place without using your hands. 

Turn on the powerful micro bullet and enjoy incredible vibrations and direct clitoral stimulation. To relieve the pressure, press the quick-release valve on the pump handle and you're ready for fun.