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This type of artificial vagina is modeled on female genitals

Anytime Anywhere” Realistic Sexual Experience,

Great Copies of Super Hot Celebrity Pussy’s / Vagina’s Served on a Platter,  

Let Every Exotic Fantasy Become a Reality, Multi Speed and Multi Function Vibrator Penis Massager

Ultra real, intensely stimulating and fantastically travel-friendly, Perfect Vibrating and Massaging Masturbator, a plush, lifelike masturbator offered up to stroking pursuits of all types, be they solo or shared. Perfect for a quickie and ideal as a hand-job helper, this pink-lipped pussy is petite enough to hide away almost anywhere.

Fitting easily and naturally in hand (yours or a mate's), the explicitly tight entry teases with a snug starting point before giving way to a uniquely wavy interior, the pleasurable effects of which can be increased by squeezing for a tighter feel, or covering the open-ended backside to instantly create more suction. Features a Multi Function vibrating  Penis Massager for added pleasure.

Made of signature CyberSkin, cleans easily with warm soapy water. This material must be dried thoroughly before storage, 

SURE, You will want to Experience Fantasies Very Often

*Discourage / Contain / STOP / Freeze; All Types of Social Evils Like- Prostitution, Rapes, Child Abuse/Molestation, Multiple Partners Etc.